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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey everyone!!

how's everyone doing lately? ^^

by the way, when is the actual date for our PMR results giving-out-day? o.o


hehe. XD

by Elaine :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009




I thought Sonia didn't wanna come -_______________-



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Real Merdeka - by Dian <3

If it doesnt rhyme well, sorry, its 12.55 am ;)

Tick tock tick tock..
Clock ticking,
Heart pounding,
Stomach grumbling,
Head spinning.
Adrenalin rushing!

" Masa untuk menjawab sudah tamat, sila check bahawa anda telah menghitamkan semua jawapan anda.. kertas soalan & jawapan akan dikutip sekarang "




I treasured those last ten minutes, not to check, but to remember the past.

Everything that we've been though ; the ups and downs. Highs and lows. Gaduhs and baiks.

Yeah, but

Can you freaking believe form 3 is coming to an end?


To be honest with you, that was the real reason I cried.
I didn't want any of it to end.
I was happy and eager for it to finish, but, the truth is,
I didn't.
Coz after this, we'll be going on seperate ways.
Arts stream, Science stream, Asrama Penuh.

It was sad actually saying goodbye to my PMR table.
That table had a chicken drawn on it!
Oh, not to mention that I sanitized it,
99.99% germ free, don't ask what about the 0.01%.


Anyways, leaving that table just made me sad,
Our hard work and effort, left on pieces of paper, to be marked 500 kilometres away,
I must say, PMR was a rollercoaster ride,
But we left the place with joy and pride.

We had our morning laughs to cure the morning faces.
We had our jokes to turn those frowns upside down,
But no matter of where the place is,
3P will never let anyone down,
That I can bet for 1000 dollar pieces.

PMR ended with KH, our favourite subject of all.

ALL I KNOW is that Sonia and I , ran to the tennis court and DANCED.

We danced like maniacs. But we deserved it lah!

Now that everything is said and done,
We'll just have to face a fact,
What's done is done and can't be changed,
If we have mistakes, good, coz we're not that perfect ;)

So here's to you Princesses! Have a wonderful holiday.
Enjoy the last two months before the slip comes out.
Don't forget your prayers, that is a must.
Remember, 8A's / 7A's is what we trust ;)

We might be going on seperate ways,
Some might go far faaaar away,
But no matter happens in the end,
Never ever forget your friends.

Love muah xoxo,

Dian. I'm gonna miss you guys so badly. :'(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Complete nonsense

Probably one of the most fun lessons we have ever had. =)
I'll start with the story that started the story.

Today for English, Pn. Kam initially wanted us to do something in the Topical Assessment book. But, Jane couldn't find the stack of books. (why? I also don't know)
So, teacher told us to make up story instead. She picked out this picture composition about an incident. Some robbery. Imagine ourselves as being someone who witnessed it.

Everyone in the class had to contribute at least one sentence.

And here goes the story (that was started with the story above), starting from the first person on the left of the class: please excuse me if I made you a bit confused there. ;)

Aida: One day, when I was at the electrical shop, I saw a suspicious looking man roaming around.
Kanimoly: As he was roaming around, he tried to steal an electrical appliance from that shop.
Adrina: I was curious about what he was up to, so I followed him.
Alini: Suddenly, as I followed him, I finally realise that he went into the guys' toilet.
Elaine: I stared at the toilet's door and waited for hours. :)
Ati: I do not know why I had the feeling to wait for that guy to come out from the toilet door. Suddenly, I saw the same guy with different clothes.
Sonia: He walked back to the place and he was eyeing a very nice iPod touch.
Nadiah: Then, he tried to stole that iPod and put it in his pocket.
Dian: I became terrified. So, I hurried to the counter and told the salesperson.
Divya: The salesperson was furios. He called the security and told them to catch the guy.
Crystal: The security approached the guy.
Simone: Then, the guy looked at the security and laughed.
Afiqah: (laughs) =D
San Pei: The security asked the guy whether he has stolen the iPod.
Raveenaa: The guy said, "I did not stole his iPod, instead I stole his radio."
Mei Xin: Then guard said, "How dare you steal my stuff!"
Jane: And he called the police.
Intan: The guy panicked and tried to make a run for it. Along the way, he slammed into one of the aisles and fell. All the contents of his pockets fell out.
Jannah: He knew he could not take the iPod back because they are approaching him. He quickly grabbed a banana that he dropped and run.
Kit May: He peeled the banana (PEEL BANANA, PEEL PEEL BANANA), and threw the banana skin to where the security are coming...
Foong: After that, he ate the banana while running. (Mm..so delicious!)
Wenn Yue: The security guard ran after the thief. When he was running, he accidentally stepped on the banana peel and fall flat onto the ground.
Mellissa: The security guard regained his balance fast enough. A cat and mouse chase ensued between the guard and the boy as curious shoppers stared in awe.
Nadhra: Someone screamed.
Fiona: He trampled over a little girl.
Jasmin: The little girl started crying. He felt guilty, so he started crying with the little girl.
Farhanah: Then he wet his pants. XD
Eldina: Suddenly, he stop crying and ran away because he saw the security guard was running after him. At last, he stopped and turned and said, "Please let me have the radio, I wanted that radio so badly!" The the security guard said, "No, you can't have it. Unless you pay for it." The boy cried and the security guard called the police.
Emily: The cops came in time, but too bad, they were too fat to catch the thief...

The End.

3P seems to be budding a bunch of future writers, don't you think?

Love, Intan.

Note: I only modified a few words here and there so that it made more sense. I did not change any mistakes in grammar. (SURPRISINGLY HARD TO DO!!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


ya, MERDEKA today,

there's no more holidays already. so tomorrow, make sure you come to school! :)

Kit May.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Keep on rocking, Minah Rock!

P/s: May all your wishes come true.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The past.




I want everyone's baby pics. If you don't give them or blog them or show them, I will kill you.

COME ON 3P. This random person wants random things to be done.

Fine, I'll start :D
I AM AWESOME! :D now its your turn!
Deeeyan <3